Who We Are

Transform the inside of vehicles
on earth into a space
no one has ever felt before.

At a Glance

A history of more than 110
years has progressed with
We produce more than
10 million floor carpets
a year.
Consolidated financial
results is over USD 1.9 billion. as of 2023
Carpets account for more
than half of the market
share in Japan.
The group employs 3,700
people around the world,
including the group itself.
It is supported by the
advanced skills of more than
400 technicians.
Our development,
production, and sales bases
are spread over 40 locations

Our Technologies

We have world-class in-vehicle acoustic
analysis technology, and joint development
with remote locations is possible.

Our Steps and Vision

Our 110+ year history in businness
goes beyond sound control to bring more
comfort to vehicles around the world.